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This course will introduce students to a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math occupations.


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About Eleanor Roosevelt's Technology Solutions Class

Technology Solutions will prepare students to become technologically literate.  Enrolled students in Technology Solutions will use a “systems” approach to solve technology problems and investigate some of the basic building blocks (core technologies) of modern technology systems.  Students will be inventive and apply their ingenuity to use hardware, software, and basic core subject concepts.  Instruction and activities will deal with (1) the basics of how several modern technology systems work (2) applications of technology systems and (3) technology issues, impacts, significance and careers.  This course includes using the engineering design process, mathematics, science, language arts, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and the Internet to solve problems and make informed decisions. 

Unit Title:  Introduction to Scratch

This unit is designed to teach students a programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab to teach programming to students and other first-time programmers.  Scratch 2.0 allows new programmers to create programs by snapping together code blocks.  Scratch 2.0 consists of a programming language made up of different code blocks and an easy-to-learn graphical development environment that includes a paint application for creating graphics and built-in sound-editing capabilities.  Scratch 2.0 also comes with a huge collection of graphics and sound files, all of which can be used to create Scratch 2.0 projects.


Pretend you are a designer for a Personal Stylist.  Create a Scratch Program so the Personal Stylist can select a hairstyle, nose, eyes, mouth and a blouse/shirt for his/her client.  You will also need a background so that the photographer can take a picture of the Personal Stylist's client.
* Add 5 background costumes to your program.
* Add 5 different hairstyle costumes to your program.
* Add 5 different nose costumes to your Scratch program.
* Add 5 different costumes of eyes to your program.
* Add 5 different mouth costumes to your program.
* Add 5 different costumes of shirts to your program.   

Write a program to make a sprite run through Maze1 and Maze2 (backdrops) automatically when a person selects the green flag.  Find a blank Maze online and make the same sprite run through that maze too.
In other words, your sprite will run through 3 different mazes or backdrops automatically,  



Information is a valuable resource in organizations and society. The ability of information professionals to understand and use information in innovative and creative ways is essential in today's increasingly competitive environment. The ability to use information and information technologies requires a fundamental knowledge of an extensive range of concepts. This course is designed to introduce students to an understanding of how information and information technology can be applied across the many different types of information systems and information environments.


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