Eleanor Roosevelt
High School

Technology Solutions

Room 116

Dr. D. Mason Instructor




Take good care of your computer and it will take good care of you. Be sure to follow your acceptable use agreement in class at all times.


Class Rules

  • Come to class on time.   Be in your seat when the bell rings.   Good employees are rarely late for work and are usually early!
  • Attend class unless completely unavoidable.   If you are ill and could make others sick, you have reason to miss school.   Not feeling 100 percent is not an excuse.   Most jobs only allow a certain number of sick days per year.
  • Do not use the internet or electronic mail without permission. Specific projects will require it, but unless instructed, stay off the Internet.   Be sure to follow Eleanor Roosevelt's Acceptable Use Policy at all times. You do not get to surf the net during free time at work!   Employees must also follow their company's computer/Internet use policies.
  • Take good care of computer/technology equipment.  
  • Follow all regular classroom rules posted.




Jargon - Although the terms are used interchangeably, the Web and the Internet do not mean the same thing.  The World Wide Web provides the information that a user wants to know.  The Internet provides access to the World Wide Web.



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