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Uncover Game Template


-Students will learn acceptable computer and Internet practices in order to safely explore the vast resources of the information superhighway.


-Students will learn to use a variety of computer software applications and technology resources in order to prepare classroom projects.


Uncover PowerPoint Game

Uncover is a PowerPoint game.  Students will test their ability to identify a technology image as it is uncovered.
Create two Uncover PowerPoint games.  Your game should identify a technology
Modify the Uncover template provided to help you create your game.
Find a picture of a technology on the Internet for your Uncover game.
Change the color of your game squares (Drawing Tools/ Shape Fill).
1. Download the blank template
2. Open the blank template in PowerPoint
3. Save with a new name
4. Change the color of your game squares/cells
5. Copy and paste an image on the slide one
6. Use the scroll bar to go to the slide two
7. Go to Home> Select > Select All
8. Copy and paste the cover onto the image on slide one
9. Change the caption if necessary
10. Save your work and then delete slide two
11. Right Click > Duplicate Slide
12. Click on the rectangle that you want to remove and press delete
13. Repeat steps 11 & 12 until you have uncovered the whole image
14. Go to Slide Show > From Beginning to see if your game works
15. Be creative and have fun.
16. Save the file and you are good to go
  Uncover Game Template
 Technology Uncover Game
 Sample Technology Uncover Game



Within our reach lies every path we ever dream of taking.

Within our power lies every step we ever dream of making.

Within our range lies every joy we ever dream of seeing.

Within ourselves lies everything we ever dream of being.

A good guideline to keep in mine:  Do not do anything on a computer that you would not do if your teacher or parents were standing behind you, watching.

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