Eleanor Roosevelt
High School

Web Design Class

Room 116

Dr. D. Mason Instructor




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Grading Policy

  Valentine's Day
 Black History Month
 Women's History
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-Students will learn acceptable computer and Internet practices in order to safely explore the vast resources of the information superhighway.


-Students will learn to use a variety of computer software applications and technology resources in order to prepare classroom projects.


Web Design Course Objectives


Course Description

  • Introduction to Web Design Using Microsoft FrontPage is an introductory course to the fast growing industry of Web site design and development.  This course will provide students with a solid understanding of the entire Web site development process.  Students will learn to use Microsoft FrontPage to design and publish Web sites.  Throughout this course, students will be encouraged to use the Internet to aid in the learning process.

Course Objectives

  • Identify different types of Web sites and URLs
  • Describe Web design career paths
  • Use FrontPage to create Web sites
  • Plan and storyboard a Web site
  • Identify and apply principles of good Web site design
  • Use templates and create a custom page template
  • Use Web-safe colors
  • Use hyperlinks, graphics, and multimedia elements in a Web site
  • Create, crop, and resize graphics

The following outline is the focus of instruction for Eleanor Roosevelt's Web Design course.

Web Design Using FrontPage

  • Students will demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of computer hardware and the Microsoft FrontPage Environment.
  • Students will use Microsoft FrontPage software to enhance creative expression and produce multimedia web sites.
  • Students will obtain information from a variety of sources and media to use in FrontPage web pages and web sites.
  • Students will perform tasks simulated in an office or business environment.
  • Students will use web design and FrontPage skills to produce business multimedia web sites.
  • Students will apply knowledge of business/technology-based careers in terms of:  personal interests and abilities; educational opportunities, and requirements; career opportunities, trends and requirements; and other factors for employability.



Within our reach lies every path we ever dream of taking.

Within our power lies every step we ever dream of making.

Within our range lies every joy we ever dream of seeing.

Within ourselves lies everything we ever dream of being.



A good guideline to keep in mine:  Do not do anything on a computer that you would not do if your teacher or parents were standing behind you, watching.


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